Building hardware is a hard process, we know it as we do it too. In order to facilitate your journey, SIGFOX built its very own startup programs.

By joining this program, you will get access to a wide range of tools, but also be part of a community of people building amazing products based on the SIGFOX technology.

Ignition program

This program is open to all the startups willing to build a product connected with SIGFOX.

By registering to this program, you will get access to :

  • Free network subscription while prototyping (limited)
  • Free access to all the SIGFOX learning programs
  • Marketing & communication kit about the SIGFOX network
  • Introduction to the technology by SIGFOX experts
  • Access to a wide range of partners offers
  • Access to the SIGFOX builders community trough online tools and physical events
  • Subscribe to the entrepreneur newsletter to be updated on all the latest news which could matter to you

If you're interested to join our program, register below and you will receive all the details about it

This program is limited to startups founded less than 3 years ago and that raised less than 2 million euros. Registrations needs to be validated by SIGFOX before being valid.


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We also join forces with some of the best incubators to encourage the development of new products, which receives premium support from the SIGFOX teams.


Euratechnologies, France

The Faktory

The Faktory, Belgium

Connected Camp

Connected Camp, France

Helsinki Ventures

Helsinki Ventures, Finland

H Farm

H Farm, Italy

Le Bivouac

Le Bivouac, France