Sigfox is a solution dedicated to giving a voice to the physical world, thanks to our dedicated network.
We provide an inexpensive, reliable and low power solution for connecting sensors and devices.

The Sigfox protocol focuses on...

  • Simplicity - No configuration, connection request or signalling
  • Autonomy - Extremely low energy consumption; allowing years of autonomy on a single battery charge
  • Small Payload - No large assets or multimedia, only small messages

Sigfox Basics

Getting Started

To start sending messages over the Sigfox network, you'll need to use a Sigfox-compatible communication module or development kit.
These are available from a large number of our partners, using standard radio chipsets.
As Sigfox isn't intended for private networks, so you'll need to be in an area covered by our network to connect to our network. Fortunately, we're rapidly rolling out our global network so please contact us if you're located in a not-yet covered country or area and we'll do our best to provide you access to the network as soon as possible.
Service Access
Sigfox is a service provider so you'll need a valid contract with us or your local Sigfox operator to retrieve the messages you send. Fortunately, a free contract with access to the complete Sigfox service, is included with all of our partner development kits!

Contact us if you need access to the service for prototypes built using modules rather than dev kits.

Hardware Solutions

Development Kits

Visit the Sigfox Partner Network to browse all the available development kits. These are only 4 of the available kits!


Visit the Sigfox Partner Network to browse all the available modules. These are only 4 of the available modules!

Recent Activity on Ask Sigfox

Ask Sigfox is an online platform dedicated to technical knowledge exchange about Sigfox and to support the development of Sigfox products. Visit Ask for the answers to your questions, to help others with their issues/concerns and to support the Sigfox community.

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